CommsTracker provides internet business services to large organisations. Our service is based on unique software that allows companies to outsource the annual communication of their business policies and regulatory declarations. Our customers provide us with their business policy and employee contact details, we do the rest. Our service has been used to communicate with hundreds of thousands of employees, in many different languages, all around the world.

CommsTracker is the owner of the RecallUK website. In 2010 we became aware of a major issue with product recalls, there was no website that provided details of all consumer recalls. We thought this was unacceptable and decided to do something about it, we created the RecallUK website.

We provided the website as a free service to the public:-

  • It listed all recalls so that it was easy for consumers to find recall information.

  • We provided industry leading data and analysis of recalls. Developed best practices for manufacturers. Provided analysis and proposals for critical recall issues to manufacturers and government.
  • We worked with a number of manufacturers to improve their understanding of recall issues and how to make them more effective.
  • We were recognised as leading experts on product recalls and regularly appeared on TV, Radio and national press providing insight and understanding of recalls.

We ran RecallUK for 4 years with no revenue and with CommsTracker bearing the cost of the research and running of the website. We are currently in the process of selling off some of RecallUK's assets.

CommsTracker is owned and managed by Barry Mulcahy and Alan Clark