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RecallUK Assets for Sale

As you may know we closed the RecallUK website in August 2014. We are now selling off some of the valuable assets we created during the 4 years we ran the website.

RecallUK was the leading product recall website in the UK with over 1 million people checking the website to see if they had any recalled products. Based on the feedback we received, many thousands discovered they did have recalled products and, because of RecallUK, they were able to take action to remove the products/safety issues from their homes.

CommsTracker provided 100% of the funding for RecallUK for 4 years to prove that a national recall website was necessary and would be effective. Having successfully demonstrated this we looked to the government and manufacturers to provide funding to keep RecallUK going. Unfortunately, they were not prepared to fund the website and RecallUK was closed down in August 2014.

Our 4 years of work on RecallUK has left us with assets that we are now looking to sell to help recoup some of the significant investment that we put into the website and data.

The assets that we are selling are:-

Web Site Domains

Our website domains may be of particular interest to anyone who is looking to provide their own recall website; sell recall services; manufacturers who want to make their recalls more visible.

  • The website domain Recalluk.com (guide, offers in excess of £10k)
    • Over 1m unique visitors
    • Still over 1,000 visitors/month, 1 year after website taken down
  • The website domain Recalluk.co.uk (guide, offers in excess of £1k)
    • Web domain parked
  • The website domain food-recall.co.uk (guide, offers in excess of £1k)
    • Web domain parked
  • The website domain car-recall.co.uk (guide, offers in excess of £1k)
    • Web domain parked

Recall Data

One of the biggest challenges for any recall website is finding the recalls themselves. We invested a huge amount of effort into this and have a unique database containing details of over 1,700 product recalls. This includes details of:-

  • 965 vehicle recalls covering over 4.5 million vehicles
  • 389 general products recalls, including 4 million household appliances
  • 352 food recalls
  • 24 drug/medical device recalls

This collection of data is unique, it does not exist anywhere else and would be almost impossible to create today without our database.

If you are interested in acquiring any of the assets above please contact me at Barry Mulcahy by 30th September 2015.