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RecallUK Website Closed

Latest News - Coroner Recommends National Recall Website

After funding the RecallUK website for four years we have had to close it.

We were prepared to fund the running of the website for a year or two to prove that a national recall website will work and improve recall communication. We did this and continued to fund and run the website for four years. During this time we approached the Government and many manufacturers and retailers, who are legally obligated to communicate recalls to product owners, to see if they would support us and provide funding.

The fact that the website is now closed demonstrates their response.

We are very proud of our achievements with RecallUK. Over a million people checked the website to see if they had recalled products in their homes. Hundreds of thousands found they did and were able to avoid the safety risk that their product posed. This has made our work worthwhile.

We have also increased the overall understanding of product recalls, how ineffective they are and what can be done to improve them.

In the four years we ran RecallUK we tracked down and listed:-

  • 1,730 recalls
  • Of these:-

    • 965 were vehicle recalls covering over 4.5 million vehicles
    • 389 were for general products, including 4 million household appliances
    • 352 were for food recalls
    • 24 were drug/medical device recalls

All of this work was 100% managed and funded by CommsTracker, with zero funding from any other organisation.

Unfortunately, now RecallUK has closed consumers will have to go back to the old recall information sources. This will undoubtedly have a negative impact on recall effectiveness. You can find a list of some of these recall information sources here